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Designed to showcase art


Artists have a unique look at everything.  We try to capture this uniqueness in our textiles. Everybody is welcome to design.  We try to interact with all artists as result, new possibilities emerge.  We try to showcase this with our designs.  Where everybody is free to help with. 


Every year in December we will have a design contest.  Where every artist can send in his/her design.  The top designs will be featured in our Golden Artist Collection!


Designed for HARMONY


Harmony for people and the earth.  Our manufacturer is controlled by The Fairwear Foundation so we can guarantee that everybody is treated ethically correct and that everybody is working in a safe and pleasant environment. The fabrics are 100% organic cotton and

eco-friendly. We also ensure excellent quality, by always choosing the highest quality printing methods such as embroidery or screen printing.

We do this to make our products as sustainable as possible!


We bring harmony in our unique way, as in music harmony is brought with tones, we do this with colors.  We make a range of color-matches that blend in perfectly with each other, just like with music the correct notes for a chord are sought.  


Designed to make every move alive


Our clothes are specifically picked based on how comfy they are.  They are super soft, durable and eco-friendly.  This is because we use 100% organic cotton.  We love to make every move alive and with our clothes they will!  While you are expressing yourself to the fullest our clothing will bring you ultimate comfort.

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