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We are organizing our first annual design contest, Everyone is welcome to participate in our design contest. The top 6 designs will be featured in our golden artist collection. First place will get the change to design an entire collection and win €250! Second place will win €100 and an ommes hoodie! Third place will win €50 and an ommes t-shirt!
Who will be in our ...... X OMMES collection ?
Make a design: draw, paint, computer, feel free to use any method you like.


We want to see your unique and personal vision in your design... 
Our logo stands for the infinite creativity through everybody's eyes. We expect a design where we can see your unique vision. You can make anything but keep in mind that you can use a maximum of 4 different colors. This so that we can make it as perfect as possible when it is embroidered or screen printed. 
When u have made a design it is time to send it to us! we prefer a pdf file in which the colors are in pms colors so that we can print this as well as possible. Also make sure that your file is formatted vectorial and not with pixels!
you can send it to
All designs must be send in before 28 December!
The winners will be chosen by our community on 30 December and will be featured in
our golden artist collection of 2021. We will post all designs on our website where u will be able to vote. Stay updated on instagram! @ommes_streetwear the design with the most votes will be number one! Second most votes will be second place. And so on...
You can vote until 15 January!
Feel free to Dm us on instagram if you have any questions!
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